mirrored entryway table by a dining table

I did a lot of DIY for my wedding and that lead to this DIY mirrored entryway table being built and shared here. Although not really planned that way, my wedding kinda ended up with a mirrored theme. Guests loved it. But what’s more important, my now husband and I loved it.

That being said, after the wedding I had all these things and I was not sure what to do with them. I ended up selling some things, but this thought crossed my mind one day as I looked at all the mirrors I had used. What if I could build something that could be part of our decoration, be a conversation piece and also last as part of our wedding memories?

There’s a reason mirrors ended up making their way to being the key element in our wedding decoration. I LOVE how they reflect the light and the beveled edges sparkle a lot.  And all of a sudden I looked at some wood scraps I had left from non wedding related DIY projects and thought… could I build an entryway table? As in a mirrored entryway table?

Mind you, my hardest diy build had been a set of bar stools and I did not have tons of equipment. But I decided I wanted to build it. I am really bummed I did not think of writing down all the measurements but it was kind of a trial and error with the cuts so I think I’ll just build another in the next months and share the measurements.

Here’s how it all went down as I designed and built this diy mirrored entryway table for our home

 I started by buying a large beveled mirror that measured 60″ x 16″. And I placed the wood by the mirror to try to calculate everything in a way that no wood could be seen after the mirrors were glued.

wood frame on the floor

Although you can certainly use a wood board, I was doing this all by myself as my husband was away for work.  A board is a lot heavier and uncomfortable to lift and move around than smaller, individual pieces. Plus I had wood scraps I could cut with my saw. I had nothing to make precision cuts on a board and let’s just say one of the places where you can get the board and have them cut it for you is in no way precise, unfortunately.

construction of a wood frame top

This is the top of the frame almost finished. And yes, I am that crazy person that builds inside the house. See, I live in Puerto Rico, and I don’t like roasting in the heat lol.

wood top part of a frame for a diy console table

I placed the mirror on top of the frame to confirm that it had the right proportions.  This part is tricky, because that mirror is not very thick and and well, because I can be really clumsy too.

I used Mirror Mastic as this is something I want to last a long time and other glues can eat the coating on the back of the mirror and they start deteriorating a lot faster.

I don’t have a picture but I used tape to help “press down” the mirrors and left them like that overnight.

top of a diy entryway table covered in mirrors

Then I covered all the sides with the little beveled mirrors I used in my wedding as part of my wedding’s guest tables decoration.

top for a diy mirrored entryway table fully covered in mirrors

This was all trial and error as I had no plans and measurement guide. I had bought some legs but as soon as I added them to the frame I regretted it. It was not what I had envisioned for my diy mirrored entryway table :(.

thin, mirrored table with long silver legs

So I decided I needed to build more of a base rather than just add some legs bought at a store.

I put the table on top of the family couch as we were getting rid of it anyway so I was not worried about damaging the couch. In this next picture I was screwing like crazy. Pretty sure this could be done way easier with a board but this was way easier for a project I was undertaking with me, myself and I and pretty much no tools.

upside down table with wood legs exposed

Here is the table with its new “legs”.

frame of a diy mirrored entryway table ready to be covered in mirrors

I kept measuring and gluing all the mirrors. The bigger tiles were used as a table runner in our sweetheart table at our wedding :). For the ones closer to the top I needed to cut them and I was afraid so I measured and had my local glass shop make the cuts. It was not expensive at all to get them to cut that for me.

consola de espejos casi terminada y lozas de espejo se ven en el piso puestas

And, finally, this is how she looks! I was so excited that I kept moving it around to check how it would look in different areas of the house! So shameless pic overload here.

mirrored entryway table with lamps on top of it

mirrored table by a blue and black wingback chair

A few weeks later I hosted a celebration dinner for my brother and his husband who had just married in the massive event in the island following the change in laws. Mom and I were able to be there but it was a very restricted event due to its size and all the couples, so I invited them for dinner and threw a surprise, little wedding celebration with very close friends and family.

mirrored entryway with a cake on top of it

And guess what… my diy mirrored entryway table ended up being the center of attention!

Not only was it built with repurposed materials from my wedding, but now was holding the cake for my brother’s wedding. How’s that for a kickass conversation piece at our house?

I would say mission accomplished and I am one happy (and proud) girl.

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