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You probably got here because you have a heart, conscience and care about where your makeup and beauty products come from, so you are naturally doing some research on makeup brands that don’t test on animals. 

We’d think that in 2019, not a single company tests their products on animals or has any ties with other companies that incurs on questionable practices of animal cruelty.

Status of make up brands that don’t test on animals:

Although every year more brands take action and commit to being part of the makeup brands that don’t test on animals and that are certified as cruelty free, there are still too many brands that still perform cruel and painful tests and procedures on animals.

As part of this abominable practices, animals skin and eyes are exposed to different formulas a company is testing before launching and releasing for public use. Many times, those chemicals produce such extreme burns and bad reactions that the poor animals end up losing their eyes after going through the torture of these so called “safe to use” tests.

conejito color marrón sobre la palma de una mano

From rats to bunnies, I think we can all agree that no living being should be submitted to such torture. Not in the name of beauty. Not on our name.

It’s 2019, and with technology as an ally, there is simply no need to perform those tests on animals in order to ensure that a producto is safe for humans.

We checked the most popular makeup brands. And made sure to add here the ones that are certified by PETA and/or Leaping Bunny,  which are the two organizations that have been lobbying for, and pressuring brands to join the movement for cruelty free beauty.  Both PETA and Leaping Bunny check not only for a brand’s ingredients and testing on their facilities, but they do extensive research on the production chain, to ensure that no questionable practices related to animal cruelty are performed by any of the brand’s partners in the chain of production.

The following brands have been certified by PETA or Leaping Bunny as makeup brands that don’t test on animals.

Drugstore makeup

#1 NYX

cuatro labiales matte de la marca NYX en diferentes colores

#2 Covergirl

#3 Wet’N’Wild

sombra violeta intenso marca Wet N Wild

#4 Physician’s Formula

blush de Physician's formula en tonos rosa

#5 Milani

frasco de base Milani destapado

 #6 Jordana

Liner líquido marca Jordana

It’s important to know that a makeup and beauty company can have different brands and some brands might be cruelty free while others are not.  Each brand can (and usually has) a different chain of production and distribution. So this is something extremely important to keep in mind and not judge and trust the brands we buy from just because they are from the same company that produces other makeup brands that don’t test on animals.

 Designer brands

#1 Anastasia Beverly hills

paleta de iluminadores Anastasia Beverly Hills

#2 Bareminerals

Bolso con productos Bare Minerals

#3 Bite Beauty

labial rojo de Bite Beauty

#4 Buxom

Paleta de sombras Buxom

#5 Kat Von D -Kat Von D has gone one step further and made her line vegan!

Envase de base Kat Von D

#6 Ciaté

iluminador color arcoiris marca Ciaté

#7 ColourPop

Paleta de sombras Colourpop en colores intensos

 #8 Kylie Cosmetics

Caja de Kylie Cosmetics con un kit de labios

#9 Marc Jacobs Beauty

Base marca Marc Jacobs

#10 Smashbox

paleta de contour marca Smashbox

#11 Stila

brillo labial marca Stila

#12 Too Faced

mascara Too Faced en empaque rosado

#13 Urban Decay

caja con Bronceador marca Urban Decay

pink graphic showing a cute white bunny that has angel wings looking super sad. The bunny is behind bars. The illustration shows makeup products by the bunny and is part of the illustrations for an article about makeup brands that don't test on animals.

Illustration & design by: Isis Casalduc

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