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This is the story that lead to these amazing DIY agate drawer pulls.

Pinterest Graphic showing DIY Agate drawer pulls

I had some agate knobs I had bought about two years ago. I had no exact plans for them but I found them so pretty that I decided to take them home.

They had been sitting in the closet all along.  And now that I am finally decorating my family room, it occurred to me that I could use them for a vintage china cabinet I have. The problem was that I only had two and I needed EIGHT! I searched all the Marshalls and TJ Maxx stores which is where I originally bought them. But nothing. Nowhere to be found.

Since I was spending some time I had in the weekend to get the project done, I could not really order online.  I also got excited about the idea of trying to pull a good old DIY, so I went to a few shops and got the agate slices. I already had some gold leaf sheets as well as adhesive size and sealer.

I planned to repurpose the old knobs but I still needed four more as the cabinet doors had a handle instead of knobs.

This is how I created my DIY agate drawer pulls:

The knobs

I started by painting the original knobs.  I used some gold spray paint I had.  I painted them because with some of the agate slices, you can see through them.And since not all of the knobs are the same, painting them would help in case they can be seen through the agate.

eight drawer pulls, four old and four new ones

four drawer pulls by a can of gold paint

Agate Slices

I wanted to recreate the look of the ones I had bought. Not only because I liked them, but also because I wanted to use the ones I had and have them match the new ones.

agate drawer pull


six agate slices in green, black and blue

As you can see, there is a gold accessory in the center. That made things a bit more complicated as for a while I wondered what I could use to recreate that. And then it occurred to me that earrings could work. I went to the crafts section of a local store and searched the area for costume jewelry making. And I found those tiny ones.

Agate knob with a gold earring

I used some cutting pliers and cut the back off (only to realize afterwards that I could lift that with a screwdriver and then cut it off to get a flatter surface).

cutting plier cutting back of an earring

Then I cut the little hook on the side meant for attaching beads and stuff.

cutting pliers cutting a part of a gold earring

And here is the store bought one with the agate slices and the little gold bits ready to be transformed into awesome DIY agate drawer pulls!

agate slices in different colors for DIY agate knobs

I used the simple leaf in gold, a brush to apply the adhesive size and then the sealer. Although I did not like that the sealer made them a bit more matte so I left them unsealed after all.

Gold foil products for DIY agate drawer pulls

When writing this post I realized that I had not taken pictures of the process as I was focused on filming the video. The video is a bit long but it’s because it’s super detailed so check it out 🙂 .

black diy agate drawer pulls

Here is how they looked after the gold foil.

black gold leaf diy agate knob

DIY agate drawer pull madness! Make sure you don’t have a fan close to where you are as the gold foil will blow everywhere.

agate slices of different colors being applied gold leaf

Here you can see the store bought ones side by side with my DIY agate drawer pulls version.

blue, black, purple, green agate knobs

Can you tell the difference now?

colorful DIY agate drawer pulls

gorgeous blue DIY agate drawer pulls

Sure, the center detail is a bit smaller… But c’mon!   I am IN LOVE WITH THEM!

eight diy agate drawer pulls in different colors

This is the before picture of the china cabinet.  I am using it in the family room as a bookcase and storage space so I removed the glass doors of the upper part to give it a more fitting look for this space.

vintage wood China cabinet

And this is how the DIY drawer pulls look in the vintage china cabinet.

vintage China cabinet with agate drawer pulls

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Not into DIYing them?

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Into DIY?

Buy the materials:

Agate Slices

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Bolts (substitutes for knobs) *You might need to drill a bit if they are thicker than the previous knobs on your furniture. But the same would happen with knobs!

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