Coconut, spices and rum mixed together in an exotic, mouthwatering drink

Whether you are a Puerto Rican living out of the island and looking for the perfect coquito recipe or someone looking for a tasty and hassle free eggnog’s cousin, this Puerto Rican Coquito recipe will make you feel like you are in Puerto Rico for Christmas.

Bottle of Puerto Rican Bacardi rum photographed in a furry gray background.

This is the basic Coquito recipe, but there are TONS of variations we have come up with. We have chocolate, Nutella, pistachio coquito… you name it! Coquito is a favorite in Puerto Rican homes and even little kids drink a non alcoholic version. For a virgin (non alcoholic) version, simply mix all ingredients together and keep a little bottle of this mix for the little ones before you add the rum. They love feeling like they are part of the group, drinking what everyone is drinking, just no alcohol.

coquito served in glass shots with cinnamon
Coquito. Ready to drink. YUM

We normally start making coquito around Thanksgiving. You can find it at mostly every party or family gathering until January 14th. That’s when the Holiday season really is over for us. Yup, there’s a reason why they say Puerto Ricans have the longest Christmas and Holiday Season in the whole world.

Puerto Rican Coquito Recipe Card

graphic with Puerto Rican coquito recipe on it

Serve in small shot glasses or just the bottom of a wine glass. This is really tasty but also very strong, sweet and thick, so start with just a little for everyone.  Keep the bottle close as this is the kind of stuff that makes you keep wanting more and more and before you know it the bottle is gone. Also, keep the rum bottle close, as it’s normal for people who really like rum to add extra rum to the coquito.

If you can get some nutmeg and grind some right when you are serving each person, the aroma and extra flavor take things to a whole new level of yumminess.