This edam fried cheese balls recipe is one of my favorites. It’s incredibly easy and fast to prepare, uses just four ingredients and it’s one of those things that you just can’t stop eating until they are gone. Yes, they are THAT good. Bonus:If you have friends or family over, you can get this ready in about 10 minutes and it will definitely cause an impression.

Note: The text on this video is in Spanish. I am currently working on making an English version that I will embed here as soon as it’s ready!

Once you roll them on the flour, place them in a fryer or simply on a sauce pan with plenty of oil to cover them. Do not move them or stir the oil. That will cause the light coating of flour to stick to the bottom while the rest of the ball breaks and falls apart. They will rise once they are ready and then you can move them around a little bit so they brown a little bit on all sides.  You might break one or two here and  there. Always try to roll them over flour one last time right before placing them in the oil pan.

There really isn’t that much to clean when you finish so that’s great too.

Fried cheese balls recipe ingredients:

2 cups of shredded Edam cheese

1 small egg

1/4 cup of wheat flour

corn or canola oil (for frying)


Pinteresst graphic showing fried cheeseballs

1. In a food processor, or with a grater, grate the cheese until you have about two cups.

2. Place the shredded cheese in a medium bowl.

3. Beat the egg and start adding little by little to the shredded cheese. Mix with your hands. The cheese can’t be crumbly but you don’t want it extremely wet. So you might not need the whole egg. I usually end up using about 3/4 of the egg.

4. Add flour to a plate so you can roll the balls and lightly bread them

5. Add enough oil to the saucepan and turn the heat to medium.

6. Form balls of the size of a golf ball and then roll them on the flour.

7. Make sure the oil has started to bubble lightly and is hot enough.

8.  Place the cheese balls in the oil and don’t move them until they rise to the top.

9. Move them around a little bit until they brown on all sides.

10. Remove from oil and place on a plate or tray with paper towels to drain excess oil.

11. Let them cool a little

12. Serve and enjoy!

hands holding cheese balls for an edam fried cheese balls recipe and breaking them apart. String of cheese seen.

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