Make up fans are a special breed of people that are rarely understood. But as the saying goes, it takes one to know one. So we are pretty sure that if you are reading this… YOU. GET. IT. I mean, we get each other, after all.

1. You Will NEVER have enough make up. like, EVER

There are good excuses. You know, different seasons, different colors. Duh! And of course there are legit reasons, such as skin tone variations due to seasonal changes.

2. There is no such thing as a color. It’s all about S-H-A-D-E-S… of EVERY COLOR.

Sorry, but blush, rose, fuscia and magenta ARE NOT “just pink

3. Getting your nails done: quick mood BOOSTER

Soooo Satisfying

4. Messing up your freshly done  nails: INSTANT mood KILLER

Enough said

5. Nothing is too bright

Electric, Metallic Blue is awesome

6. Or colorful

There’s a reason color exists, right?

7. You LOVE watching the pros at work

They make it all look so easy… that you can totally do it too

8. But this is you after trying it out

” I just followed the tutorial”

9. When you finish your favorite product and realize it was a Special Edition, SEASONAL Item

Nope. You won’t be able to find that product again in a looong time.

10. You and your besties when there is a make up sale event.

“I Just Need a Few Things”

Because you have to SAVE some money and can’t miss that DEAL

11. And this is your face, $200 later

When you get home ,during a moment of SANITY, you add up all the receipts. Why is something so small so expensive?


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